I saw my first love today
but he didn’t see me.
Probably because I’m not
the same girl he used to love
when I was 16.

I used to love much smarter
now I love harder and I have
nothing to show for my grief.
I wish sometimes
that I wasn’t the one to leave.

Maybe if I had stayed
I wouldn’t have experienced
the things that have since
molded me.

I wonder sometimes
if he ever looked for me.
Did he search his memory
trying to understand why?
Did he keep going,
questioning the direction
or did he continue
walking forward
without looking back?

He looks older now.
Stronger than every other man
I claimed to love.

We were young once.
Naïvely believing
we were invincible,
that nothing could touch.
Or taint what we were.
Two children lost between us.

And within the 10 seconds
I searched his face,
I hesitated
before driving away.


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