This is About Us.

If I am an expression of sunshine,
then you are my early morning sky
plucked with rays of love from
the night before our new year’s eve.
I remember your warmth at dawn
celebrating the first day of clarity
and the sweat from your brow
as you connected with me.
I am told we are at the peak
that the hill rolls down from here
until we hit the ground running.
While we are still young
the light of day permits us
to see our lives clearly.
Run this infinite distance with me.
I will bring you back should you trip up
and I know you will care for me equally.
True love exists like this in
your resistance to its ending.
Some may question our willingness to fall in deep
when history is less than flattering.
But this is not about them.

All that matters now is you and me.


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